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The Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling,
And Festivities Of The Christmas Season.

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" Where the cherries they grew Upon every tree;"
and upon Joseph's refusal, in somewhat rude language, to pull some of these cherries for Mary, on the ground of her supposed misconductó
" 0 ! then bespoke Jesus,
All in his mother's womb, ' Go to the tree, Mary, And it shall bow down ;
Go to the tree, Mary,
And it shall bow to thee, And the highest branch of all
Shall bow down to Mary's knee.' "
And then, after describing Joseph's conviction and penitence, at this testimony to Mary's truth, occur the beautiful verses to which we alluded.
" As Joseph was a walking, He heard an angel singó ' This night shall be born Our heavenly king.
He neither shall be born
In housen, nor in hall, Nor in the place of Paradise,
But in an ox's stall.
He neither shall be clothed
In purple nor in pall, But all in fair linen,
As were babies all.
He neither shall be rock'd
In silver nor in gold, But in a wooden cradle,
That rocks on the mould.
He neither shall be christen'd
In white wine nor in red, But with the spring water
With which we were christened.' "
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