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The Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling,
And Festivities Of The Christmas Season.

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158                            THE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS.
" Enter the Turkish Knight. Open your doors, and let me in, I hope your favors I shall win ; Whether I rise or whether I fall, I'll do my best to please you all. St. George is here, and swears he will come in, And if he does, I know he'll pierce my skin. If you will not believe what I do say, Let Father Christmas come in—clear the way!
Enter Father Christmas. Here come I, old Father Christmas,
Welcome, or welcome not, I hope old Father Christmas Will never be forgot. I am not come here to laugh or to jeer, But for a pocketful of money, and a skinful of beer. If you will not believe what I do say, Come in the King of Egypt—clear the way !
Enter the King of Egypt. Here I, the King of Egypt, boldly do appear, St. George ! St. George ! walk in, my only son and heir ! Walk in, my son, St. George, and boldly act thy part, That all the people here may see thy wond'rous art.
. Enter St. George. Here come I, St. George,—from Britain did I spring, I'll fight the Dragon bold, my wonders to begin. I'll clip his wings, he shall not fly; I'll cut him down, or else I die.
Enter the Dragon. Who's he that seeks the Dragon's blood, And calls so angry, and so loud ? That English dog, will he before me stand ? I'll cut him down with my courageous hand. With my long teeth and scurvy jaw, Of such I'd break up half a score, And stay my stomach, till I'd more.
[St. George and the Dragon fight,the latter is killed.
Father Christmas. Is there a doctor to be found All ready, near at hand,
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