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The Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling,
And Festivities Of The Christmas Season.

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Saint George.
Where is the Turk, that will before me stand ? I'll cut him down with my courageous hand.
[They fight, the Knight is overcome, and falls on one knee.
Turkish Knight.
Oh ! pardon me, St. George ! pardon of thee I crave, Oh ! pardon me, this night, and I will be thy slave
Saint George.
No pardon shalt thou have, while I have foot to stand, So rise thee up again, and fight out sword in hand.
[They fight again, and the Knight is killed; Father Christmas calls for the Doctor, with whom the same dialogue occurs as before, and the cure is performed.
Enter the Giant Turpin.
Here come I, the Giant! bold Turpin is my name, And all the nations round do tremble at my fame. Where'er I go, they tremble at my sight, No lord or champion long with me would fight.
Saint George.
Here's one that dares to look thee in the face, And soon will send thee to another place.
[ They fight, and the Giant is killed ; medical aid is
called in, as before, and the cure performed by the
Doctorwho then, according to the stage direction,
is given a basin of girdy grout, and a kick, and
driven out.
Father Christmas.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, your sport is most ended. So prepare for the hat, which is highly commended. The hat it would speak, if it had but a tongue. Come throw in your money, and think it no wrong."
And these,—with the dance filling up the intervals, and enli-vening the winter nights,—are amongst the sports and amuse­ments which extend themselves over the Christmas season, and connect together its more special and characteristic observances.
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