How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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includes little more than instruction in certain arts and certain branches of knowledge. The learned politician who gave as a toast on some public occasion, " Education, or the three R's, Reading, Riting and Rithmetic," inter­preted the word according to this popular acceptation. It has, however, a more enlarged sense, and legitimately includes all those influences which go to unfold the facul­ties of man or determine human character. It is in this wide sense that education may be offered as explaining the difference between savage and civilized man. It is in this sense that education is the fashioner of the great human family, including every individual of the race. It is in this sense that man is ever the subject of education, from the cradle to the grave. It is in tins sense that it has a force almost realizing the heathen notions of des­tiny. We should therefore regard seminary instruction merely as a branch of education, not as the whole system ; a link, but not the entire chain. In the following pages, I propose to consider the subject in this more extended view, and shall endeavor to show that, in limiting our notions of education to mere school tuition, we over­look important, perhaps the most important, instruments of instruction; neglect the most efficient means of mould­ing human character ; and thus, by a common error, do infinite mischief to individuals and society at large. In pursuing this course, I shall bestow particular attention upon the chief engine by which character is formed—the Fireside Seminary. In connection with this subject, I shall have occasion to speak particularly of the Common School, the great auxiliary of the fireside, and shall en­deavor to suggest some means of rendering it more effi­cient in accomplishing its legitimate ends.
The theory which I present to the reader in the fol-1*
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