How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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children wisely, if you would train them up to fulfil their duty and their destiny—if you would ensure their escape from misery or promote their chance of happiness. It is for parents to decide whether they will follow the plan of One who sees the end from the beginning, or be seduced into dangerous and fatal error—dangerous and fatal as well to their own peace as to that of their children—by the suggestions of worldly vanity or current prejudice.
In this volume, I address myself specially to parents, though I deem that the subject may well claim the atten­tion of teachers, of guardians of children, and indeed of every member of society. It demands of those who are called to the high trust of legislation, whether in our state or national assemblies, as well as of all others in authority, deep and careful consideration. The poet has said that " the proper study of mankind is man." In treating of education, we are but seeking the best mode of influencing man's character. Our first step is, then, to understand man's nature. The inquiry into this is that study which is rightly affirmed to be the proper busi­ness of all. But parents have a higher interest and a more imperative duty than others, connected with this subject. They are the lawgivers of their children. They lay down the chart by which those whom God gives them, are to regulate the voyage of life. Whether this voyage, therefore, be disastrous or successful, mainly depends on parents.
Having endeavored to show the power and responsi­bility of parents in respect to education, I have then attempted to point out the proper course to be pursued in the government, training and instruction of children. The hints I have given are chiefly drawn from observa­tion, but they are only offered as hints, subject to the
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