How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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VU1                                     PREFACE.
revision of those more experienced than myself. At all events, the subject is of great importance, and though I may not have furnished the parent a manual which may serve as a guide in the high task of training his children in the way in which they should go, I may still succeed in rousing him to inquiry, and this will be a great point gained.
I have but to add, that if, in the following pages, I may sometimes appear to be repetitious, I hope it may be excused, from the obvious importance of impressing cer­tain leading points upon the mind of the reader; and that if I often use familiar illustrations, it may be deemed compatible with the design of a Avork intended for gene­ral circulation, and in the preparation of which practical effect, not rhetorical daintiness, should be the guide of the writer.
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