How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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upon the poor as well as the rich. Such was the great discovery of our pilgrim fathers. In opposition to the scheme of despotism, which would concentrate and confine knowledge in a university, they sought its diffusion over the people at large.
I need not here trace the progress of educa­tion from the settlement of New England down to the present time. It is sufficient to say that its importance has always been admitted, and the necessity of its dissemination over the whole community has been an established maxim. There may have been times when this great object was pursued with less success than at others; but public opinion has never wavered, and public exertion never been remitted, as to this point of social policy. Within a few years, society seems to have received a new impulse, and the conviction that not only the happi­ness of private life, but the security of our insti­tutions, depends upon the diffusion of know­ledge, seems to pervade all classes. Nay, the opinion has gone abroad, that education is the only lever which can lift a community from the degradation to which the tendencies of human nature would drag mankind. If you would correct a prevalent vice, if you would purify the fountains of society, it is admitted that you must
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