How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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and forms his abode; and all this without in­struction. The beaver, who is both carpenter and mason, architect and house-builder, fur­nished with teeth that perform the work of the axe and saw, and a tail which discharges the office of a trowel—he too performs his work, not by the plummet and the rule, not after the plans of a draughtsman, but, from the simple lessons of instinct. The bittern that wades along the pool is a fisherman that seldom fails to secure his prize, when he thrusts his spear into the water. The hawk is a sportsman that rarely stoops in vain upon his prey. The pen­sive heron, that stands while the tide is out in the briny mud, is an oyster-catcher by profes­sion. And all these, as soon as they arc hatched and have taken to their wings, go straight to their several vocations, without a single lesson, and yet with a perfect understanding of them. How different is the lot of man ! How many are the trials, how long the practice, before he can become instructed in even the commonest pursuits by which a mere livelihood is to be obtained.
In modern times, the art of committing ideas to paper has been extended and perfected by the art of printing. This has widened the field of knowledge, and offered facilities for educa-
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