How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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to the hyena. Thus, throughout the brute cre­ation, there is no recognition of any principle of justice; no judge or jury but force; no other rule of right than that the weak must yield to the strong.
I once met with a beautiful and striking ex­ample of the perception of equity in a child, in reference to the seeming injustice on the part of the bald eagle, described by Wilson the orni­thologist. The reader is probably familiar with the famous passage, in which the author depicts the king of birds as robbing the fish-hawk of the prey he has snatched from the bosom of the lake. The child, a boy of about seven years old, read the passage with great interest, and at first seemed only filled with the vivid picture presented to his imagination; but after a little while he asked, with a countenance that be­spoke a painful emotion, u Was it not wicked for the eagle to get away the fish that the hawk had taken out of the water ?"
And man in his moral, as well as his other faculties, is also the subject of education. I have already quoted the words of the inspired proverbialist, affirming that the child trained up in the way in which he should go, will not depart from it in after years. And let it be remarked that he attaches no conditions; he
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