How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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with a few illustrations of the force of moral culture, with a view to impress upon the mind of the reader the fact that the heart is subject to the law of education; that as the body may be trained to health, grace, and vigor, as the intel­lect may be stored like a granary with the varied harvest of knowledge, so the soul may be im­bued with the love of truth, justice, and charity; that by proper culture the noxious weeds of passion may be checked or eradicated, and the fragrant floAvers of virtue made to spread their immortal bloom over the spirit.
Whoever has watched children with care, has noticed that any passion or feeling becomes stronger by repetition. In the first instance, it is dim and feeble ; in the second, it is more vivid and vigorous. By degrees it grows stronger; and when, at length, it has become habitual, it is not only very apt and ready to return, but, like a vicious horse, it seizes the bit, and rushes forward in defiance of all control. Indulgence is the great principle of nutriment and culture to human passion. It is as the sun and rain and rich soil to vegetation. Thus, the indulged child becomes passionate, and gives himself up as easily to the gusty caprices of his humor as the seared leaf to the breeze. Thus, the savage,
by dwelling constantly upon thoughts of war,
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