How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Omniscient Mind, and loaned to animals during their limited existence. But these creatures are not free agents; the knowledge they possess is not acquired, and is not their own. They are ever held hy the leading-strings of instinct; they are ever under the conservatorship of Heaven. But man is free; he acts from his own choice; he exerts his own faculties. These are distinct and peculiar, setting him apart from the rest of creation, and marking him as the subject of a higher design and a loftier destiny. As the pyramids of Egypt have stood forth on the plains of Gizeh for four thousand years, the giants of human architecture, challenging and defying the rivalry of later ages; so man is a monument reared beyond the approach of competition from Nature's other works. The instinct of animals is indeed marvellous, and might seem in some things to surpass the gift of reason. But compare the most skilful works of animals with those of man. Compare the village of the beaver with a human city. Com­pare its shapeless mounds of sticks and stones with one of our large towns, including its paved streets, illuminated at night by gas; its lofty dwellings, many of them enriched and embellished with a thousand ingenious luxu­ries ; its diversified arts, its varied institutions,
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