How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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brought into such prompt and habitual action as to pervade the whole character. Education, then, may be the instrument of rendering the highest and most exalted portions of our nature triumphant over the grosser attributes of flesh and blood.
Education, then, is the lever, and the only lever, that can lift mankind from the native mire of ignorance. That lever is put into our hands, and how shall we use it ? We live in a civilized community. Every individual among us can understand the value of that culture which raises a man from the savage to the civilized state. Is it not the duty of every per­son to use his utmost efforts to carry the bene­fits of this culture to each member of society? I speak not now exclusively to the parent. To him I shall hereafter address myself with a par­ticular and earnest desire to win his ear. But I speak to the community at large. Is there a member of society who can look on the rising generation and say that he has no interest in this matter ? If so, then is he self-exiled from his race, cut off from all sympathy with his kindred .and his kind. That man who is thus cold and thus indifferent must be wrapped in the gloom of miserable ignorance, or encased in the triple mail of selfishness. Like ice in a 5*
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