How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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refrigerator, surrounded by a non-conducting layer of charcoal, to shut out the chance of being influenced by the breath of summer, he is bound in the chili security of that philosophy which lays down its code of life in a single dogma—take care of no. i.! There let him rest. To such I speak not. I speak to those who acknowledge and feel the obligation to pro­mote the best interests of the whole community, as far as they are able. And this does not per­mit a regard only to the present hour, but it demands the exercise of that high gift of reason, which enables us to read the future by a peru­sal of the past. And whether we look to the present or coming generation, is not education one of those great interests which wisdom calls upon us to cherish ? Is it not the grand instru­ment by which the human race must be ex­alted? Is it not the power, indicated by the plain teachings of nature, by which man is to be redeemed from ignorance ? And is there any one who is willing to take upon himself the trust conferred upon every member of civilized society, and lay it down again, having done nothing for this great cause ?
If our view of this subject be right; if educa­tion is the law of man's nature, as instinct is the law of animals; if man is marked as the
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