How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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subject of a peculiar design, a design which places him in contrast to every other living thing; and if this design be that his faculties are to be developed, his character formed, the end of his being secured, only through educa­tion ; how plain is our duty 1 If we seek to cul­tivate a plant with success, we proceed accord­ing to the design of its Maker. We learn its nature, and follow this as the only sure guide. Noav God has written on man, in letters not to be mistaken, This being is made to be educated. Without education, he is a savage; by its aid, he may be exalted to a station but little lower than that of the angels. What then is the duty of rulers—of those who are charged with the great interests of society.' Can they neglect this obvious means of improving the condition of mankind without sin I Nature and providence point out the method by which the human race is to be exalted. No one can overlook or mis­take it. Ought not education, then, to be laid at the foundation of our political system ? Ought not provision to be made by every government, in every country, for the instruction of all the people in that knowledge which is necessary to enable them to form just opinions upon all the great questions of life ? In our country, where the government is placed in the hands of the
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