How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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be here, where it flows from the people them­selves 1 If society can be shaped by authority which it hates and resists, how much more will it be influenced where it consents and approves. The people of this country do, in fact, look with profound respect to the acts of their legislators. They will be slow to despise what their assem­bled counsellors approve. If you move the heart, the remotest pulse in the human frame beats in unison with it. The legislature is to the people as the central organ of vitality to the life-blood of the body. It can, if it will, give a quickening impulse to the cause of education, which will reach every hill and valley, every house and hamlet, in the state.
Let the lawgivers of the land speak, then, and the people will hear! There is an echo in a legislative hall which dies not. Its edicts are whispered from hill to hill, from heart to heart, and still continue to live when those who framed them are sleeping in the dust. The spirit of the pilgrims is still breathing upon us from their statutes. The laws framed by this generation will go down to have their influence on the next. Let the people, then, who are now on the active stage of life, look to this subject, and call upon their rulers to discharge their trust on this point with fidelity !
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