How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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dence in the formation of man, by checking the progress of knowledge, and restricting the boun­daries of science to a narrow and selfish circle of purchased and pensioned adherents.
The truth is, that knowledge is common pro­perty, and those who possess it are bound to distribute it for the benefit of others. Those who, for any selfish end, hoard it, or throw obstacles in the way of its diffusion, commit a crime towards their fellow-men. Above all, those who would deny to any class of persons the benefits of education, that they may the more easily govern them, engage in a base con­spiracy against the rights of humanity.
A system which would enslave the body by cheating the soul, which keeps the mind and spirit in darkness or poverty, and holds human beings down, generation after generation, as near to the brute creation as possible, instead of elevating them in the scale of being, as is the obvious duty of all; is in every point of view an institution opposed to the evident designs of the Creator, and in contravention of the true des­tiny of man. It places itself in the very path of providence, and seeks to stay its march. It is a battery erected to resist and defy the mani­fest intentions of Heaven. Such schemes can­not prosper. That Being who said, Let there
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