How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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be light, and there was light, has given forth knowledge as the birthright of man, and he will show, in his own good time, that such gross wrongs against human nature cannot be per­petuated.
It would appear that, in all ages, and in every clime, ignorance is identified with slave­ry, and knowledge with freedom. The cause of education, then, is the cause of liberty. Na­ture and providence point it out as the great instrument of human improvement. Let its promotion, therefore, ever mark the policy of our free American states. Let it ever be main­tained in our legislative halls that the instruc­tion of youth is a subject of paramount interest. Let it be understood that the people are not satisfied to rest where they are, but are looking to a constantly advancing state of society, to a higher and still higher standard of moral and intellectual culture. Let each individual use his influence to elevate public sentiment on this great subject. Let us all endeavor to give to the efforts of our school committees a loftier pitch; to inspire into the teacher a more generous am­bition, and stimulate his exertions by giving him a still nobler estimate of his high vocation. Let us attempt to move every individual in the com­munity to a better sense of his obligations to aid in the cause of public instruction.
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