How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sumes upon their fidelity to such a trust, and will hold them strictly accountable for its dis­charge. What parent will at the same time put at hazard the happiness of his child and disappoint the calculations of providence ?
The truth is that God has marked out a noble scheme for man's improvement. This is so dis­tinctly traced by the workings of nature that mankind cannot overlook it. Infancy, child­hood, youth, all advancing to maturity by the process of education, place the design of the Creator before every parent and every member of society. Let parents, then, take up and fol­low out this design : let the community at large engage with providence in carrying to comple­tion its benignant intentions towards mankind. Let our legislators, those who have almost a creative power over the society for whom they act,—let these cooperate in the great work of human improvement. As man comes from the hand of his Creator marked as a creature to be educated, let those who are charged with the public interests consider themselves bound to fulfil the appointment of Heaven, and see that those over whom they exercise control, are edu­cated wisely.
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