How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sign afford a striking manifestation of that wis­dom and goodness which we behold in all the works of God. It appears that, in every stage of society, parental education adjusts itself to the wants of children. In the savage state, where there is no division of property, no com­plicated system of laws and relations, no reli­gion, save the naked idea of a God who rewards the good and punishes the wicked, education has a narrow scope; but such as is needed is supplied. As society advances into civilization, duties multiply and responsibilities increase; there is then a demand for higher moral and intellectual culture. Providence has foreseen and provided for this necessity, for with the advance of refinement and knowledge the family circle is drawn closer together, and the solici­tude of parents for their children and their influ­ence over them are proportionally increased. Thus, while in a rude age children are left, almost like the untutored animals, to make their own way, when knowledge is diffused, and the light of religion spread abroad, then it is that enlightened education becomes neces­sary, then it is that parental education becomes vigilant, and then it is that children are most completely subjected to the influence of pa­rents.
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