How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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In a state of society like ours, it involves a fearful responsibility, but we cannot shrink from the fact: parents usually decide the cha­racter of their offspring. It is so ordained by Heaven; children will obey the lessons given them at the fireside. As the stone hurled from the sling takes its direction and finds its resting-place at the bidding of the arm that wields it, so the child goes forward, and finds its grave in peace or sorrow, according to the impulse given at the fireside.
The mythology of the ancient Greeks taught the existence of a goddess, who exerted a pow­erful influence over mankind ; she was esteem­ed the arbitress of success, and her name was Fortune. She was represented as holding two rudders, with one of which she guided the ship of prosperity, with the other, that of adversity. These emblems indicated her power over good and evil; but this seems generally to have been exercised in a benignant manner. The same religion also taught the existence of those in­exorable sisters called Fates. They are repre­sented as goddesses of human destiny and in-
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