How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sider what those things are which will gene­rally ensure success in life and happiness here­after. I think these may be briefly stated as follows: First, a good constitution; second, good moral principles, with a love of truth and justice : third, religious principles ; fourth, good intellectual culture: fifth, srood habits: sixth, pure tastes: seventh, good manners. Now let me ask, is there any thing here which the pa­rent may not. in ordinary cases, secure to his child ? It may be supposed that a good consti­tution is not at the command of the parent. But let him devote his attention to this as a point of duty, as a thing of high interest: let him pursue it with the sagacity, practical good sense, and energy with which he pursues his ordi­nary business : and in nine cases out of ten he will secure his object. The truth is, that feeble constitutions are in most cases the result of neglect or mismanagement. The parent, there­fore, may usually decide the physical charac­ter of his child for life. And may he not, if he will use the proper means, decide his moral and intellectual character also? Is there any thing in the catalogue we have just given, of things necessary to win happiness here and hereafter, that the parent may not ensure to his child ? How strong then is the obligation of the
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