How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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OBLIGATIONS OF PARENTS.                      77
parent to seek out and earnestly employ those means, which may thus favorably determine the destiny of those whom God has given him!
There is another argument on this point which may not be without its influence. In the earlier portion of maturity, we are apt to think almost entirely of ourselves; but as life advances, and children cluster around us, we transfer our hearts to them, and they become the centres of almost all our hopes and fears. It is for them we toil: it is for them we rise early and sit up late; it is for them we watch and pray. They become our second selves, and we look forward to their prospects with an interest as keen and anxious as if these prospects were our own. Will not the parent perceive that if he would cherish the happiness, or forestall the misery, that may come from the success or failure of his child, he must use the influence wisely which he possesses over his body, his intellect, and his soul 1
The bringing up of children, then, is a matter of serious responsibility to the parent, and it may be supposed that all who sustain the pa­rental relation will be anxious to inform them­selves of the best means of training up their offspring in the way in which they should go.
Without pretending to possess any special wis-
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