How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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78                            FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
dom on this subject, I shall venture to make a few suggestions in regard to parental edu­cation and instruction. As these are the result of observation and reflection, and have been tested, to some extent, by practical application, I hope they may prove useful. After having noticed the characteristics of children, I shall in the first place offer some remarks upon their government, and shall then treat of the proper mode of securing health, and inculcating reli­gion, morals and manners. I shall not attempt to pursue a very philosophical method, but shall introduce the topics rather according to the or­der in which they naturally rise to claim the attention of the parent, than according to any analogies in the topics themselves.
Before I close this article, let me present a few other points of consideration to parents. It has been often remarked that childhood and youth are the happiest periods of existence. Whether this be true in point of fact, or not, it is obvious that the Creator designed that youth should be a season of enjoyment. In a state of health, children and youth are invariably happy, unless there is some extraneous circum­stance to prevent. The body thrills with agree­able sensations; the mind sparkles with bright and pleasant thoughts, as the ripples of a stream
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