How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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OBLIGATIONS OF PARENTS.                      79
flash in the rays of the morning sun. The heart, like the bubbling fountain, wells forth with an unceasing current of joyous emotions. Such is the tenor of young life, undisturbed by cross influences.
As children are. therefore, made for happiness, let parents consider the duty of following out this design of the Creator, In this matter, God has set them an example, and will they not fol­low it? 1 know, indeed, that childhood and youth are the periods in which knowledge is to be acquired, the temper to be disciplined, habits of industry and perseverance to be established, principles of truth and duty to be inculcated. And 1 know that the duty of parents in this respect will often make it necessary to demand onerous exertion and painful self-denial of chil­dren. I know, too, that the condition of many parents is such that they need the labor of their children to assist in sustaining the family. But all this is. by no means, incompatible with the happiness of children. Bodily and mental la­bor, suited to the age and capacity of youth, is a source of immediate happiness, and after pleasure. Lessons of self-denial, wisely and kindly enforced, though the heart be pained for the time, arc sources of future satisfaction. As the crushed rose gives forth the sweetest
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