How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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OBLIGATIONS OF PARENTS.                     83
care to cultivate those powers which enable him to command wealth, rather than those which ensure peace of mind. He excites him to effort by emulation, rather than by a sense of duty; he infuses into him a love of high places, rather than a love of his fellow-men. And what is all this but the immolation of a child on the altar of ambition by a parent's hands? a sacrifice rendered still more odious by the hy­pocrisy of the pretence, that it is for the benefit of the victim.
This may seem harsh language; but I am extremely solicitous to warn parents of errors into which the fashion of the times is likely to lead them. Let the rich especially beware lest they expose their children to ruin. The path that spreads before the offspring of the poor, though rugged and often thorny, though steep and difficult to climb, is still less dangerous than the giddy sea upon which the children of the rich must make the voyage of life. The former are hedged in by fences, and are thus likely to be kept from going astray. But who shall guide the youth whose sail is filled with the tempest breezes of passion, and before whom is spread the boundless ocean of pleasure ! The extract which follows, addressed to a rich man,
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