How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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may afford some useful suggestions on this point.
cc You are rich; yet you are eager to get more. Why ? It is well, doubtless, to toil, for industry is the duty of all. It is well to use economy, for this too is a duty. But why hoard up your earnings 1 Why seek to raise higher a heap already too high? Why not distribute what you earn? Why not devote your time to doing good ? You have great power, and why not use it for benevolence'? I do not ask you to drain your purse, but why not give the overflow in charity or to good public objects'? Your answer is that you labor for your children. For your children'? Look around and see if in general a great fortune is not a curse to chil­dren. Observation will teach you that it is so. Daughters ivith fortunes marry ambitiously, or become objects of base speculation, and miss happiness in nine cases out of ten. Sons with fortunes are generally vicious, imbecile, and worthless; they need the wholesome and invi­gorating discipline of effort induced by necessity. They need also the restraint of dependence. All this you know. No man of sense can be ignorant that experience teaches all this in ex­amples of every-day occurrence. Then, why strive to leave a large fortune for your children,
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