How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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OBLIGATIONS OF PARENTS.                     85
when you know it will he a snare, and in all human probability lessen their happiness? It is for your own pride : it is for the name and fame of leaving it, that you do thus. Nay, start not—it is selfishness—it is poor, weak, human pride that leads you to act thus against the dictates of true affection ! "
The obligation of parents in respect to their children is to make them happy, to throw aside selfish considerations, to burst the bonds of prejudice and fashion. Taking into view the nature of the child, his impressible character, his physical, intellectual and moral nature, bis tendency to receive a decisive bias from the hand of the parent, his constantly accumulating powers of thought and capacity of feeling, his high duty to God, his neighbor and himself, and his immortal destiny: taking all this into view. it is the duty of the parent to use the best means in his power to promote the present and future happiness of his child. But what are the means by which this end may be ensured or promoted ? I should answer, first, govern your child well; that is, teach him the principles of obedience, the habit of bowing to duty, of sub­jecting his will to the authority of a guide, of yielding his heart up to the rule of right. This is the earliest budding of virtue, the be-8
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