How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ginning of moral principle, the germ of religion, the first lesson in obedience to God. It might seem remarkable, perhaps unreasonable, that the Scriptures should lay such great stress on obe­dience to parents. But due reflection will show us that its importance is not overrated. It calls the child to a sacrifice of its own will to a principle of duty; and it is usually the first virtue which he is required to exercise. As a means of training the heart to duty, it is most efficient and important. A child, habituated to obe­dience to parents, is habituated to a surrender of his own desires from a sense of higher obli­gation ; a child who goes from his parents' care with a temper unbroken and a heart untrained in obedience, has yet to learn, though he may have reached maturity, the first lesson of virtue. Second, educate your child well: that is, train him so as to ensure health, activity and vigor of body ; cultivate the social feeling, so as to establish a broad basis of benevolence in the heart; teach him to restrain selfishness and cultivate virtue; give him pure tastes; fill his mind with virtuous principles : above all, sub­ject him to good habits. Third, see that your child is well instructed. This includes three things: first, that he possess the general know­ledge which is necessary to enable him to dis-
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