How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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to deal with children to take into consideration their various peculiarities, and learn the art of adapting government and instruction to them, it is still more important to become acquainted with those universal traits of character which belong to children.
One of the first of these characteristics which is displayed is the sympathy of child with child. This is manifested very early. One of the first objects which an infant notices is another child. There seems to be a spell in a young face which charms an infant. This principle is manifested in the universal love of dolls. When the infant has arrived at childhood, he finds an excitement in the society of children, which that of grown­up people does not afford. His faculties are stimulated by this principle, so that powers are developed which would otherwise remain dor­mant. You place a child that has no natural talent for music among children who possess this erift. and under their tutelage he will soon learn to sing. This fact has been fully substan­tiated in several of the European schools.
Parents may turn this principle to good ac­count, particularly where there are several chil­dren in the family. By training one child, they may make that an example to the rest. When one is instructed, it may become a moni-
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