How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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It might seem that the force of habit was too trite a theme to demand notice here, particu­larly as I have already spoken of its influence in the formation of moral character. But the importance of the subject, especially in treating of education, seems to give it a claim to our most careful attention. Habit has as great an influence over children as others. The rule is universal that what has been once done is more easy the next time. Repetition may enable us to perforin that which was at first difficult, per­haps painful, with facility and pleasure. Habit may be illustrated by a beaten path ; as the traveller is apt to fall into and follow this, so the thoughts and feelings are likely to pursue the track which they have often followed before. As the stream gradually wears the channel deeper in which it runs, and thus becomes more surely bound to its accustomed course: so the current of the mind and heart grows more and more restricted to the course in which habit has taught them to flow. It is these intellectual and moral habits that form many peculiarities of character, and chiefly distinguish one individual from another. They are therefore of the utmost importance. Let parents get their children into good habits, and they have done much to ensure their happiness. If they have permitted them
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