How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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when the time approaches; and, in like man­ner, if we arrange our studies in accordance with this law, and take up each regularly in the same order, a natural aptitude is soon pro­duced, which renders application more easy than by taking up the subjects as accident may direct. Nay, the tendency to periodical and associated activity occasionally becomes so great, in the course of time, that the faculties seem to go through their operations almost with­out conscious effort, while their facility of ac­tion becomes so prodigiously increased, as to give unerring certainty where at first difficulty and doubt were the only results.
"In thus acquiring readiness and forming hab­its, we merely turn to account that organic law which associates increased aptitude, animation, and vigor with regular exercise. It is not the soul or abstract principle of mind which is thus changed, but simply the organic medium through which it is destined to act; and, when we com­pare the rapid and easy eloquence of the prac­tised orator with the slow and embarrassed ut­terance which distinguished him at the outset of his career, we have merely a counterpart, in the organ of mind, of what is effected in the organs of motion, when the easy and graceful movements of the practised dancer, writer, or
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