How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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piano-forte player take the place of his earliest and rudest attempts.
"The necessity of judicious repetition in men­tal and moral education is in fact too little ad­verted to, because the principle on which it is effectual has not been understood. To induce facility of action in the organs of the mind. practice is as essential as it is in the organs of motion. The idea or feeling must not only be communicated, but it must be reproduced and represented, in different forms, till all the facul­ties concerned in understanding it come to work efficiently together in the conception of it. We often blame servants for not doing a thing every day. because they were once told to do so. The organic laws, however, teach us that we are presumptuous in expecting the formation of a habit from a single act, and that we must re­produce the associated activity of the requisite faculties many times before the result will cer­tainly follow. We find, on turning to a new subject, that however well we may understand it by one perusal, we do not fully master it, ex­cept by dwelling upon it again and again.
Repetition is thus necessary to make a dura­ble impression on the brain; and, according to this principle, it follows that, in learning a lan­guage or science, six successive months of ap-
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