How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ral and intellectual powers, because these ope­rate by means of material organs.
"The necessity of being in private what we wish to appear in public springs from the same rule, [f we wish to be polite, just, kind, and sociable, we must habitually act under the in-iluence of the corresponding sentiments in the domestic circle and in every-day life, as well as in the company of strangers and on great occa­sions. It is the daily practice which gives ready activity to the sentiments, and marks the character. If we indulge in vulgarities of speech and behavior at home, and put on politeness merely for the reception of strangers, the former will shine through the mask which is intended to hide them ; because the habitual association to which the organs and faculties have been accustomed cannot be thus controlled. As well may we hope to excel in elegant and graceful dancing by the daily practice of every awkward attitude. In the one case, as in the other, the organs must not only be associated in action by the command of the will, but they must be ha­bituated to the association by the frequency of the practice; a fact which exposes the ignorant folly of those parents who habitually act with rudeness and caprice towards their children, 9                                                 G
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