How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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take all the soft part, so that I am obliged to lie both sides of the bed, in order to get my half." This little scene will illustrate the spirit to which I allude.
There is another still more disagreeable exhi­bition of selfishness common with boys in their treatment of girls. They are often exceed­ingly tyrannical, rude, contemptuous, and even cruel, towards the gentler sex of their own age. This demands the assiduous correction of the parent. The claims of the weaker upon the stronger sex for scrupulous justice and chival­rous protection, ought to be inculcated and en­forced, especially by mothers, from the earliest periods of boyhood. If this is not done, there is danger that the selfishness of the boy, which displays itself in a rude exercise of his power, may increase with the advance of years, and at manhood lead him to treat woman, though it may be in a more gallant guise, according to the dictates of caprice, rather than those of jus­tice.
Having noticed some of the leading traits of childhood, not only with a view to direct the parent's special attention to them, but to excite him to careful and vigilant study of his chil­dren, let us proceed to a subject of still greater importance.
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