How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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dence of good will, a trust of power so com≠plete as to lead the child to give itself up to the care of the parent, without one thought of pro≠viding for its own safety. It is not in human nature to resist an appeal like this. How does the mother feel her affection quickened at the reliance with which the infant throws itself upon her bosom, and, in conscious security, sinks to repose! How docs the father feel his soul drawn out in behalf of his children, as he sees them fly to him in every moment of peril !
What then are likely to be the reflections of these parents, when the busy week is over, and they, with their children, arc collected around the fireside ? If they take into view the sus≠ceptibilities of these children; that God has brought them into existence to receive their character from education : that this cliaracter is to be determined during the early portion of life: that during this period they are, by the course of providence, placed under the special charge of the father and the mother ; that, in short, the destiny of their children is entrusted to their hands, and is likely to be good or bad, according as they may be well or ill managed ówill they not look about with anxious solici≠tude for aid, counsel and encouragement in the discharge of their important duty? With a
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