How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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view to contribute my humble mite for the benefit of parents thus anxious for the welfare of their children, I shall venture first to suggest some practical hints on family government, and then proceed to notice other interesting topics.
The first system of government ever formed was that of the fireside. It is, in its nature, despotic, giving absolute authority to the mon­arch parents over their subject children. Un­limited power should be ever used with great discretion, and especially in this case. The parent sets an example to the child. If he is tyrannical or unjust, he docs what he can to make his child so. The fireside should be a seminary where principles of equity and charity are inculcated, where justice is taught by pre­cept and enforced by example. The whole tenor of parental influence should be used to subject the selfishness of the offspring to the golden rules of duty; and how wide do they go from this mark, if, using the despotic power they possess over their children, the parents show that they are themselves the slaves of passion, or under the guidance of selfishness !
I need not insist upon the importance of family government. It is not only necessary for the peace and comfort of the domestic circle, but it is indispensable for the discipline of the tempers
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