How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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of children. If permitted to grow up ungo-verned, when they go forth into society they are likely to surrender themselves to every spe­cies of license. The danger, on this score, is more imminent in respect to boys than girls. Society imposes sterner restraints upon the lat­ter than upon the former, and these may supply the neglect of the parent. But if you see a young man run into excess, or give himself up to vicious indulgence, you may rest assured that he has not been subjected to habitual govern­ment at home; that his mind and heart have not been trained and disciplined by parental authority; that the principle of obedience has never been thoroughly established in his soul. Parental government, then, is a thing of serious import, and demands the most careful attention at the hands of the parent.
Taking its importance for granted, then, I proceed to remark, in the first place, that pa­rental government should be thorough. Some children are easily managed, but there are few who will not sometimes try to have their own way. At one time, they will attempt to evade; at another, they will brave authority. In this species of strife they are often sharp-witted and dexterous, and sometimes intrepid, pertinacious and headstrong. If they succeed once, they
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