How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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juncture, Wallace entered in search of his kite. One word of prefatory palliation for Wallace. The kite was the finest he had ever possessed; it had been given him by a friend, and that friend was waiting at the door to string and fly it for him. At once the ruin of the kite, and the indignity to which it was subjected, flashed, on him, and perhaps little Haddy's very satis­fied air exasperated him. In a breath, he seized the kitten and dashed it into the tub of scalding water. His father had come in to din­ner, and paused at the open door of the next room. Haddy shrieked, the children all scream­ed, Charles dropped grandmamma's yarn, and, at the risk of his own hand, rescued the kitten; but, seeing its agony, with most characteristic consideration, he gently dropped it again, and thus put the speediest termination to its suffer­ings.
" The children were all sobbing. Wallace stood pale and trembling. His eye turned to his father, then to his mother, then was riveted on the floor. The children saw the frown on their father's face, more dreaded by them than ever was flogging, or dark closet with all its hobgoblins.
" 11 guess you did not mean to do it, did you, Wally ?' said little Haddy, whose tender heart
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