How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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was so touched by the utter misery depicted on her brother's face, that her pity for him over­came her sense of her own and pussy's wrongs. Wallace sighed deeply, but spoke no word of apology or justification. The children looked at Wallace, at their father, and their mother, and still the portentous silence was unbroken. The dinner bell rang. :Go to your own room, Wal­lace,' said his father. 'You have forfeited your right to a place among us. Creatures who are the slaves of their passions, arc. like beasts of prey, fit only for solitude.'
" ' How long must Wallace stay up stairs?' asked Haddy, affectionately holding back her brother, who was hastening away.
" 'Till he feels assured,' replied Mr. Barclay, fixing his eye sternly on Wallace. ' that he can control his hasty temper: at least so far as not to be guilty of violence towards such a dear, good little girl as you arc, and murderous cruelty to an innocent animal;—till, sir, you can give me some proof that you dread the sin and dan­ger of yielding to your passions so much that you can govern them. The boy is hopeless,' he added, in a low voice, to his wife, as Wallace left the room.
" 'My dear husband ! hopeless at ten years 10
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