How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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old, and with such a good affectionate heart as his? We must have patience.'
" A happy combination for children is there in an uncompromising father and an all-hoping mother. The family sat down to table. The parents were silent, serious, unhappy. The children caught the infection, and scarcely a word was said above a whisper. There was a favorite dish upon the table, followed by a nice pudding. They were eaten, not enjoyed. The children realized that it was not the good things they had to eat, but the kind looks, the innocent laugh, and cheerful voice, that made the plea­sure of the social meal.
" 'My dear children,' said their father, as he took his hat to leave them, 'we have lost all our pleasure to-day, have not we? "
"'Yes, sir—yes, sir,' they answered in a breath.
"'Then learn one lesson from your poor brother. Learn to dread doing wrong. If you commit sin, you must suffer, and all that love you must suffer with you; for every sin is a violation of the laws of your Heavenly Father, and he will not suffer it to go unpunished.'
"If Mr. and Mrs. Barclay had affected to over­awe and impose on their children, they would not have been long deceived: for children, being
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