How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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themselves sincere, are clear-sighted. But they knew that the sadness was real; they felt that it was in accordance with their parents' charac­ters and general conduct. They never saw them ruffled by trifles. Many a glass had been broken, many a greasy knife dropped, many a disappointment and inconvenience incurred, without calling forth more than a gentle rebuke. These were not the things that moved them, or disturbed the domestic tranquillity; but the ill temper, selfishness, unkindness, or any moral fault of the children, was received as an afflic­tion.
"The days passed on; Wallace went to school as usual, and returned to his solitude, without speaking or being spoken to. His meals were sent to his room, and whatever the family ate. he ate; for the Barclays took care not to make rewards and punishments out of eating and drinking, and thus associate the duties and pleasures of a moral being with a mere animal gratification. l But ah,' he thought, while eat­ing his pie or pudding, ' how different it tastes from what it does at table!' and, though he did not put it precisely in that form, he felt what it was that l sanctified the food.' The children began to venture to say to their father, whose justice they dared not question, ' How
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