How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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as you like, but I am sure we never had any such fuss at home; we grew up, and there was an end on't.'
"'But may be,' thought Wallace, 'if there had been a little more fuss when you were younger, it Avould have been pleasanter living with you now, aunt Betsey.5
"Poor aunt Betsey, with many virtues, had a temper, that made her a nuisance wherever she went. The Barclays alone got on tolerably well with her. There was a disinfecting prin­ciple in the moral atmosphere of their house.
"Two weeks had passed, when Mr. Barclay heard Wallace's door open, and heard him say, Can 1 speak with you one minute before din­ner, sir?
"'Certainly, my son.' His father entered and closed the door.
"'Father,' said Wallace, with a tremulous voice, but an open and cheerful face, 'I feel as if I had a right now to ask you to forgive me and take me back into the family.'
" Mr. Barclay felt so too, and, kissing him, he said, ' I have only been waiting for you, Wallace; and. from the time you have taken to consider your besetting sin, I trust you have gained strength to resist it.'
" 'It is not only consideration, sir, that I de-10*                                H
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