How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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pend on, tor you told me I must wait till I could give you proof; so I had to wait till something happened to try me. I could not possibly tell else, for I always do resolve, when I get over my passion, that I will never get angry again. Luckily for me,—for I began to be horribly tired of staying alone,—Tom Allen snatched off my new cap and threw it into the gutter. I had my book in my hand, and I raised it to send at him; but I thought just in time, and was so glad I had governed my passion, that I did not care about my cap, or Tom, or any thing else. But "one swallow doesn't make a summer," as aunt Betsey says; so I waited till I should get angry again. It seemed as if I never should; there were provoking things happened, but somehow or other they did not provoke me— why do you smile, father?'
" 'I smile with pleasure, my dear boy, to find that one fortnight's resolute watchfulness has enabled you so to curb your temper that you are not easily provoked.'
" 'But stay, father; you have not yet heard all. Yesterday, just as I was putting up my Arithmetic, which I had written almost to the end without a single blot, Tom Allen came along, and gave my inkstand a jostle, and over it went on my open book. I thought he did it
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