How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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purposely, I think so still, but I don't feel sure. I did not reflect then: I doubled up my fist to strike him.'
'"Oh Wallace!'
" 'But I did not, father, I did not; I thought -just in time. There was a horrid choking feel­ing in my throat, and angry words seemed crowding out; but I did not even say "blame you!" 1 had to bite my lips though, so that the blood ran.'
" 'God bless you, my son.'
" 'And the best of it all was, father, that Tom Allen, who never before seemed to care how much harm he did you, or how much he hurt your feelings, was really sorry; and this morn­ing he brought me a new blank book, nicely ruled, and offered to help me copy my sums into it. So I hope I did him some good, as well as myself, by governing my temper.'
" -There is no telling. Wallace, how much good may be done by a single right action, nor how much harm by a single wrong one.'
"'I know it, sir. I have been thinking a great deal since I have been up stairs, and I do wonder why God did not make Adam and Eve so that they could not do wrong.'
" 'This subject has puzzled older and wiser heads than yours, my son. and puzzled them
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