How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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more than I think it should. If we had been created incapable of sin, there could have been no virtue. Did you not feel happier yesterday after your trial than if it had not happened?'
"'Oh yes, father: and the strangest of all was. that, after the first flash, I had not any bad feeling towards Tom.'
" 'Then you can see, in your own case, good resulting from being free to do good or evil. You certainly were the better for your victory, and you say happier. It is far better to be vir­tuous than sinless.—I mean incapable of sin. If you subdue your temper, the exercise of the power to do this will give you a pleasure that you could not have had without it.'
" 'But if I fail, father?' Wallace looked in his father's face with an expression which showed that he felt he had more than a king­dom to gain or lose.
"'You cannot fail, my dear son, while you continue to feel the worth of the object for which you are striving; while you feel that the eye of God is upon you; and that not only your own happiness, but the happiness of your father and mother, and brothers and sisters,—of our home, depends on your success.'"
There has been a great deal said as to the motives which should be brought to bear upon
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