How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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children, as well in governing as teaching them. Emulation is thought to be dangerous, as it may excite a spirit of rivalry, and sometimes result in jealous or envious strife. It is said to be "calling into action a principle exceedingly liable to abuse, and to the abuse of which may be ascribed no small share of the miseries of human life. It is early laying the foundation of alienations, animosities and heart-burnings, which will survive every thing but death. It is the accursed love of power, the everlasting scrambling for the high places, and desire to be in advance of our fellows, that keeps the world in commotion; and yet we cherish this princi­ple, we infuse it into the young bosom, we set it at work in the hearts of our children, while they are yet in school! It may subserve the purpose of learning, but not of humanity. If we call it into action, we do it at a tremendous hazard."
All this is doubtless true in reference to the abuse of emulation, as a motive of action to children. If the desire of superiority is en­couraged, while no other principle is inculcated which may check and chasten the ambition thus excited, it may grow into a headstrong and over-mastering passion. But a love of excel­lence is not of itself a base or unworthy senti-
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