How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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like all excitements, it is liable to abuse, and often leaves behind a craving for new stimu­lus, sometimes rendering exertion, without an immediate spur, reluctant and feeble. It is never safe but in connection with the constant inculcation of the duty of dealing justly with all mankind. The following fable may illus­trate the evil consequences of rivalry engendered between friends and companions.
Two bubbles on a mountain stream
Began their race one shining morn, And, lighted by the ruddy beam,
Went dancing down mid shrub and thorn
The stream was narrow, wild and lone, But gaily dashed o'er mound and rock,
And brighter still the bubbles shone, As if they loved the whirling shock.
Each leaf and flower, and sunny ray,
Was pictured on them as they flew, And o'er their bosoms seemed to play
In lovelier forms and colors new.
Thus on they went, and side by side They kept in sad and sunny weather,
And, rough or smooth the flowing tide, They brightest shone when close together.
Nor did they deem that they could sever, That clouds could rise or morning wane ;
They loved, and thought that love forever Would bind them in its gentle chain.
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