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But soon the mountain slope was o'er, And mid new scenes the waters flowed,
And the two bubbles now no more
With their first morning beauty glowed.
They parted, and the sunny ray
That from each other's love they borrowed, That made their dancing bosoms gay,
While other bubbles round them sorrowed ;
That ray was dimmed, and on the wind A shadow came, as it from Heaven ;
Yet on they flew, and sought to find From strife the bliss that love had given.
They parted, yet in sight they kept, And rivals now the friends became,
And if perchance the eddies swept Them close, they flashed with flame ;
And fiercer forward seemed to bound With the swift ripples toward the main ;
And all the lesser bubbles round Each sought to gather in its train.
They strove, and in that eager strife Their morning friendship was forgot,
And all the joys that sweeten life, The rival bubbles knew them not.
The leaves, the flowers, the grassy shore,
Were all neglected in the chase, And on their bosoms now no more
These forms of beauty found a place.
But all was dim and drear within, And envy dwelt where love was known
And images of fear and sin Were traced where truth and pleasure shone.
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