How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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strong levers of selfish hope and fear to move mankind in the direction of their duty, they still insist upon higher motives as indispensable lo virtuous action. The obligation to obey God is not by them deduced from the consideration that it is for man's true interest to obey him; but it is regarded as imperative from the simple fact that he is God. From his relation to man, as the natural and moral Governor of the uni­verse, he claims the allegiance of his subjects. and he has implanted in man's bosom the whis­pering voice of conscience to tell him that this is right. But as man may neglecl this monitor, other motives, inferior indeed, but still power­ful.—the motives which appeal to interest, are-addressed. Pear is in fact selfish, and the di­rect action that flows from it is of course desti­tute of all virtuous quality. But it often brings the mind to a contemplation of virtue: induces it to look with reverence upon what is marked by God as good, and with aversion upon what is stamped as evil. At the same time, as before remarked, it subdues and softens the heart with a sense of humility, and brings it to a fit con­dition, like that of the Avell ploughed field, to receive the good seed, and yield the golden harvest.
If therefore a sense of duty is earnestly and
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