How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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by which men have vindicated their own mis­doings. But the truth here, as in many other cases, lies between the extremes. Corporeal punishment is seldom necessary; but almost every parent, who has dealt faithfully with his children, has found some occasion when the injunction, "spare not the rod." came with the emphasis of inspiration to his breast. It may be that the actual necessity for this form of punishment never occurs in respect to some children: but almost every child, before he is thoroughly trained in obedience, has at least one sharp struggle with his parent, in which some decisive and humiliating mark of disap­probation is demanded.
It should not, however, be overlooked, that the necessity of punishment depends very much upon the manner in which children are treated. The greatest floggers have usually the most disobedient children. I once knew a busy, scouring farmer's wife, with a large family, the eldest fifteen years old. the youngest three. She seldom crossed the room without making some one of them stagger with a vixenish slap on the side of the head. Yet they were, with­out exception, the most noisy, mischievous, re­bellious little reprobates that I ever saw. The discipline of this mother was obviously not cor-
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